Ya Mum

Welcome to the Get On The TableTop Community. 


We encourage gaming in a positive and friendly environment, no entry fee and no obligation to buy.

With events held daily and a comprehensive stock range, no matter what games you play we are sure have something you're into.

If it's a Casual game you enjoy, we have our days devoted to all the major games, so you always know when to come down and meet those that play what you love.

Or if Competitive play is more your style, sign up for a Player ID and join our Organised Play. We are registered with Magic, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super and more, so offer Tournaments and Learn-to-Play games in all the above!

An Idea Is Born

Too many gamers for our games room! So we start meeting at a local Cafe and have one table of stock we've brought back from the city for our local guys. Fast forward a few months and we are bringing the outside cafe tables inside to fit everyone who wanted to game. So we meet two days a week, running different games on each day to split it up. A few months later - still not enough space! 
And now comes the Big Step..We rent a space and host events 5 days a week and our table of games grows to a wall of product! 
And Voila! Tabletop is born!
Our Store

Here at Get On The Tabletop, we're creating an exciting area for the Bega Valley to enjoy, meet up and jump into events. We strive for the greatest experience we can offer you, with an amazing atmosphere, a comprehensive stock range and most of all, caring and talented staff (if we do say so ourselves).  We hold nightly events focusing different games every night so you'll be sure to find gamers that play what you love. Come in, make yourself at home and most of all...Get on the Tabletop!

Every Friday night role plying goodness! $5 entry 6pm start.

If you need help building a character please arrive no later than 5.30pm.

*Wednesday learn to play 5-7pm

*Thursday Comnpetitive Standard

$5, 6.20pm registration

*Friday Night Magic 

4pm FREE Casual Standard. 6.30pm Modern $5

9pm Commander $5 

   ~OR $8 for both~

$20 Drafts 6.30pm on Release days of new Sets 

*Pokemon League Tournament

Tuesdays 5.30pm $2

*Learn to play Wednesdays:

casual gaming, deck building and helpful Professors to teach

*Friday Night Star Wars Legion 6pm. See Facebook events for more details.

*Saturday 2pm: alternating Warhammer and Age of Sigmar

Battles. See Facebook for weekly game details.